The shipment, owned by a company based in Mozambique, left Ivory Coast and arrived in Cambodia.

The profit-margin is high for smugglers bringing pangolins into China from Africa.

The stolen copper is usually trafficked to China and India for manufacturing electronic components.

A Chinese museum has removed photographs which compare African people to animals from a controversial exhibition.

Surging demand from Chinese visitors has made Laos the world's fastest-growing market for ivory.

Soaring demand for the products in China has seen an estimated one million pangolins plucked from Asian and African forests over the past decade.

Photo DR: West Africa's fight to keep bad medicine off shelves

Africa's fight to keep bad medicine off shelves. Counterfeited drugs from China and India are awash in west African markets.

Fourteen Chinese people suspected of illegally exporting red wood from the Democratic Republic of Congo were arrested.

Donkeys are being increasingly slaughtered in South Africa to supply smugglers who export the skins to China.

One young Taiwanese suspect deported from Kenya to Beijing in April said he had simply done it for the money.