The rise of China will be a source of global stability not conflict, major oil supplier Saudi Arabia said at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday January 17th. "As China gets integrated into the world, and into the world financial and economic systems, it has a tremendous interest in stability of those systems," Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said. "And so I think the rise of China should be one that is welcomed, not one that is viewed as a source of a threat," he told a discussion in the Swiss resort, where 3,000 members of the political and business elite gathered for annual talks. Asia is the number one market region for Saudi Arabian oil.

Taiwan protested Thursday after Nigeria asked it to shut down its trade office in the capital, in what it said was an attempt by Beijing to push it out of Africa's largest economy.

The island's foreign ministry said Nigeria had asked Taiwan to move its trade office out of the capital Abuja in a show of support for Beijing. 

Chinese leaders see the self-ruling island as a renegade province which is still part of "one China". 

China signed an agreement to restore diplomatic relations with Sao Tome and Principe, just days after the small African nation announced it had cut ties with Taiwan.

With contracts across Africa running into billions of dollars, Morocco is placing business at the heart of its strategy to win support for its re-entry into the African Union.

Across Africa, the approaching presidency of Donald Trump has provoked deep uncertainty over how the United States will pursue policies.

China pledged $100 million dollars in humanitarian aid to address the world's biggest refugee crisis.

Japan will pour $30 billion of investments into Africa by 2018, including $10 billion in infrastructure development.

Japan takes its aid show to Africa with a huge development conference in Kenya in the battle for influence against China.

Of the 46 countries that pledged to provide resources to maintain United Nations peace operations, 14 have failed. China is among those.

The disputed rocks and reefs of the South China Sea are more than an ocean away from the landlocked African nation of Niger.