Developing economies such as Nigeria, India, Thailand and El Salvador have made the largest strides in improving their business climates while New Zealand and Singapore retained their top ranks for ease of doing business, the World Bank said Tuesday.
In an annual report on 190 countries' efforts to encourage investment and job creation by cutting red tape and reforming regulations, the global lender also said Sub-Saharan Africa was again the region which saw the most progress -- but countries there varied widely in performance.
"It is particularly gratifying to see that many of the reforms are being carried out in economies and sectors where they are most needed," Rita Ramalho, acting head of the bank's Global Indicators Group, said in a statement.

Around 30,000 Africans live in New Delhi and many are suffering of discrimination and even violent attacks.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to Africa seeking to boost his country's economic influence in a region long dominated by China.

More than 14.2 million people visited Dubai in 2015, but the target is 20 million by 2020 when the Gulf emirate hosts the global trade fair Expo 2020.

India's economy grew 7.6 percent in 2015-16 outpacing China.

Police arrested five Indians accused of assaulting Africans in New Delhi

African nationals in the Indian capital live in a climate of fear after the brutal murder of a Congolese teacher. Report.

India agreed to finance the development of the Iranian port Chabahar, on the Gulf of Oman, as a trading hub.