China denounced as "absurd" a report by French newspaper Le Monde alleging that Beijing has been spying on the continental body.

After Europe and Africa, China is pushing its ambitious global trade infrastructure programme to the Arctic.

Fake medicines mostly made in Asia bring about some 100,000 deaths a year in Africa.

Chinese exports and imports picked up steam last year thanks to strong global demand.

The tourism industry's big challenge is to prove the country is safe.

China's complete ban on ivory trade went into effect january 1st. 2018.

From Delta state on Nigeria's southern coast, hides are shipped to China where they are stewed to render the coveted gelatin.

BYD will become the third car manufacturer, after Renault and Peugeot of French, to construct cars in the North African state.

The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) signed a $3-billion contract to build a large business centre.

The shipment, owned by a company based in Mozambique, left Ivory Coast and arrived in Cambodia.